Do you feel like most agencies you meet with offer a cookie cutter solution without ever really understanding your business
You deserve better.

At Dolgify, we believe authentic relationships starts by listening. Prior to starting any project, we'll get on a call to learn about you, your business, and your frustrations. Think of it as a casual hangout without any strings attached (we promise).

If we feel there's a fit (and you do too), we'll recommend auditing your current marketing strategy and provide a roadmap on where to go next.

A roadmap that won’t only be effective, but most importantly, will be uniquely yours. No cookie cutter strategy, no expensive solutions and no fluff.


We believe small to mid-sized businesses have a unique opportunity to stand out from their competition: By telling a story.

The simple truth is that stories sell. Why? Because stories help us connect with one another and build long-term relationships. It’s this connection that can help take your store from point a to point b. 

But to craft this story, we first need to figure out who your customer is, what they value, and how your business (and products) can benefit them.

That’s why every project we engage with includes some form of brand positioning and storytelling.

We’ll work with you to properly identify your ideal customer (even if you think you already know your customer!) and develop strategies to help you effectively connect with them.


I'm just starting to build my store but...

I don't know how to differentiate myself from competitors?

I’m not sure where I should get started or where to promote my business?

Let's set you up for success

I'm frustrated by a lack of sales and I don't know if I should...

Invest in paid ads to increase store traffic?

Build a new site to help increase conversions?

Let's get you back on track

My store is doing great! But I keep thinking what if...

I could increase my email marketing revenue by 20%?

I focused on brand loyalty and increased repeat purchases by 10%?

Let's Make Your Store Even Better