People of Leisure


People of Leisure approached us in November 2023 to help them increase their online store conversion rate, as well as their online store revenue. 

We first ran a site audit to identify any missed opportunities and quickly learned that People of Leisure required a new inbound strategy to increase their revenue.


On-Site & Sponsored Content, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Consultancy

The Process

Prior to beginning our new inbound strategy for People of Leisure, we knew we had to work on the brand’s credibility. In addition to configuring a new review platform on the site, we began a new content strategy to educate consumers on sustainable fashion and the disastrous effects of textile waste.  

Once a new content strategy was in place, we were able to focus on keyword optimization and increase organic search traffic on both product and blog pages. We also focused on collaborating with like-minded individuals such as The Honest Consumer, Sustainable Jungle, and Going Zero Waste to increase off-site exposure. 

Lastly, we began A/B testing Klaviyo flows to increase placed order rates and email marketing revenue. This strategy plan ended on March 1, 2024. 

The Results

  • When compared to the previous year, the conversion rate had increased by 15% and online revenue by 64%. Organic sessions had increased by 318%.
  • When compared to the previous period, the online store conversion had increased 6% while organic sessions had increased by 66% and organic revenue had increased by 22%.
  • People of Leisure’s domain authority had increased from 10 to 17. 
  • Email marketing revenue had increased by 26%.

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