RocketFire first approached us to help increase their brand presence and drive online sales. While the startup recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for their unique product, they still needed help building their brand.

We first ran a site audit to identify any missed opportunities and quickly learned that RocketFire’s brand positioning was disconnected from their target audience.

Ongoing Retainer Includes:

On-Site & Sponsored Content, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Consultancy

The Process

We first ran a Brand Storytelling workshop with RocketFire to identify their key customers and analyze the current competition. While the product spoke for itself, RocketFire needed a brand identity and unique messaging to connect with its target audience. As such, we built a brand positioning and strategy guide to begin the overhaul of RocketFire’s online store. We also worked with Brighter Click, one of our partner agencies, to optimize the site for paid ads.

After establishing the brand’s identity and optimizing the site’s unique messaging and user experience, we began to work with RocketFire on an ongoing retainer to increase their brand exposure while continuing to optimize their online store.

The Results

  • When compared to the previous year, RocketFire's conversion rate has increased by 73%, online revenue by 1933%.
  • Organic sessions have increased by 386% and organic revenue has increased by 386%.
  • Within three months of working together, we were able to generate over $9,000 in email marketing flows and newsletters.
  • Each quarter, we’ve increased their organic sessions by 100-150% and organic revenue by at least 32%.
  • In under a year, RocketFire has been able to scale past a quarter of a million in revenue. This rapid growth caused inventory to deplete twice, prompting us to implement a 3-month long pre-order strategy that returned $30,000 in revenue.

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