Our Services

Brand Storytelling

Craft a unique story.

At a time when eCommerce competition is fierce, storytelling can help your business stand out by determining WHO you want to sell to and WHY they should buy from you.

Branding can be expensive. As expert copywriters and marketers we’ve worked hard to package affordable brand storytelling options that include:

➔ Establishing your core audience

➔ Determining your brand’s unique selling points

➔ Developing your brand voice

➔ Site copywriting

Design & Development

Develop your visual narrative.

After working with us to develop your brand’s story, we’ll transfer this new written narrative to a fresh Shopify site.

All our development packages include:

Development Store Setup

Theme Installation

Site Hierarchy

Suggested App Stack

Dedicated Project Manager

Content Marketing

Connect with your audience.

To this day, content is still one of the most effective strategies for attracting your target audience, collecting leads, and convert them into paying customers.

The problem is: not many people know how to do it right.

Excellent content only really needs two things:

Storytelling & Consistency

At Dolgify, we focus on storytelling in content marketing through blogging, email marketing, and Instagram marketing. Several clients have doubled or tripled their content revenue in the first year using our strategies.

Let us help you get content right.

Note: Our content marketing retainers require a 3-month minimum commitment to prove effective results.

Instagram Marketing

Engage with your audience through unique content on Instagram. Each of our packages offer an effective organic strategy to increase reach, engagement, and conversions.